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Over the past many years of committed service, Govt. Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukharjee Science & Commerce College (Old Benazeer) Bhopal has continuously striven towards excellence and has thereby carved a niche for itself in all fields. We, as an institute have always dreamt of the holistic development of the students as well as the faculty. We also believe that every student is unique and is blessed with talents that make each one different and distinct. We aim to bring out the uniqueness of every individual and try to provide an enabling ethos to the students so that their talents bloom in the best possible manner. We have always kept alive the craving for knowledge in our hearts. Francis Bacon, the essayist wrote long back, “Knowledge is power,” and we still agree with him. At the same time our aim is not just to make our students literate, we strive to give them lessons in liberal education so that they may be equipped with perpetual inner strength. We also aim to inculcate the virtues of sympathy, humility, sacrifice, charity, patience, resilience and righteousness in our staff as well as students. It is along with this strong foundation of values and ethics that we have taken up the unending pursuit of knowledge and as the famous poet Tennyson says, we have tried “to follow knowledge like a sinking star / Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.” Let us keep the flame of knowledge burning incessantly in our hearts!

I also extend a heartfelt gratitude to the entire community of the College for its continuous effort and contribution in the pursuit of excellence. 

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A job oriented training program on "Personalty development and communication skill" is organised on 11.08.16 to 04.09.16 at Govt. Science & Commerce P.G. College, Benazeer Bhopal, M.P. and training provider is NIIT Bhopal.

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01- Minor research project sactioned by UGC letter no. F.F.No. MS_80/102036/11-12/CRO(2) Dated-31/03/2012 entitled “Tissue culture studies of Lawsonia Inermis & Production of herbal cosmetic for hair care” was successfully completed by Dr. Kirti Jain. 02- Minor research project sactioned by UGC letter no. F.F.No. MS_79/102036/XII/13-14/CRO Dated-16/09/2014 entitled “Inventorisation of Aquatic Fauna of Major Lakes of Bhopal” was successfully completed by Dr. Mukesh Dixit.

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