College related available information under Right to information act 2005 
Vide latter no. 2356/com.HED/sec-1/05 in accordance to RTI act 2005 following informations could  be obtained from this college by depositing the required fee. 
Process of obtaining the information

To provide the information the committee of following professors has been constituted 

1- Dr. V.P.S. Gaur- Coordinator
2- Dr. Asad Ali- Member
3- Dr. K.K. Mishra- Member
Above mentioned infromation could be obtained for the committee /cell.

The application in duplicate is to be privided to the committee in which the required information is clearly stated. The RTI cell will provide the receipt a which information/date of providing information/ duration is mentioned. The free for obtaining the information.

A- Viewing of document fee 30/- per unit minium 10 Rs.
B- Fee for obtaining photocopy of ducument
    A-4 size - 2/- per page
    A-3 size - 3/- per page

RTI Rule Book 2005